Agency V is making a comeback with our original inspirations that initially started Avavav. Aka: The OG Avavav. Where it all began, Agency V remains true to our values and the sustainable conscious mind. Producing only 100% deadstock, we focus on curating the highest quality garments for lasting wear. We will never overproduce to stay on trend. Each Italian luxe piece is made by rescued leftover luxury fabrics, locally sourced from Florence. By doing this, we can push the movement to eliminate waste, and show you that you can be an active change in our environment.

Agency V is committed to fun yet responsible fashion, we want you to feel like you're always your best self. Feeling confident in your fashion means to fully express every single part of what makes you, you. Our pieces reflect the bold, thoughtful, sophisticated and courageous independent individuals that can feel confident in wearing something that expresses their strong values. They always say to never settle, in Agency V, your ethics come first.